Marc Albrecht & Christian Tetzlaff © Marco Borggreve & Giorgia Bertazzi


Marc Albrecht and Christian Tetzlaff at the Konzerthausorchester Berlin

This week, the Konzerthausorchester Berlin, conducted by Marc Albrecht, will host three unique concerts on 26, 27 and 28 April. These evenings promise a fascinating fusion of contemporary and classical music.

Under direction of Marc Albrecht, the orchestra will perform Strauss' "Sinfonia Domestica", an impressive work by the composer, which was premiered in New York in 1904, is a musical depiction of family life, as well as Jost's Violin Concerto No. 2 featuring renowned violinist Christian Tetzlaff. This piece was first performed at Musikfest Berlin in 2020 and will now be presented in an expanded version. Jost describes his work as energetic, with driving rhythms, jazzy big band echoes and a sombre tone colour.

Visit the orchestra website for more information.