Philharmonix © Max Parovsky


Philharmonix join KD SCHMID for general management

“Entertainment at highest possible level“ is how “Der Tagesspiegel” describes the Philharmonix. KD SCHMID is proud to announce representation of the all-star ensemble for general management. Founded by members of the Berliner and Wiener Philharmoniker, the group is known widely for their brilliant arrangements, incomparable virtuosity and, above all, limitless pleasure in making music together. Their stylistic mix consists of 30% classical, 20% jazz, 15% folk, pop and Latin each and 5% other genres: far from fixating on the classical repertory, they see equal value in all types of music. The ensemble records exclusively for Deutsche Grammophon and released their two CDs “The Vienna Berlin Music Club Vol. I” and “The Vienna Berlin Music Club Vol. II” in 2018 and 2019 respectively, with great success.

Daniel Ottensamer (clarinet)
Noah Bendix-Balgley (violin)
Sebastian Gürtler (violin)
Thilo Fechner (viola)
Stephan Koncz (violoncello)
Ödön Rácz (double bass)
Christoph Traxler (piano)