NIGHT and DREAMS - A debut programme for enjoyment and joie de vivre.

Alfred Schnittke was a master at unfolding music in a wide variety of styles. He had a soft spot for works of the German baroque and classical periods, on the other hand he composed a lot of film music. How wonderfully the two go together can be heard in this "Suite in the Old Style" - originally written for films, then arranged for violin and piano, the chamber orchestra version by Vladimir Spivakov brings out the full magic of this music. When these sounds delight the ear, one believes in a leap in time, for this was composed in 1972!
A master, but one of orchestral colour, is also the Canadian Claude Vivier. His lament about loneliness paints a picture of his own life: an orchestrally fanned out melody, over which a luminous soprano runs its course.
To crown these works, which are as diverse as they are interesting, in the second part of the programme, the successful young conductor Nodoka Okisawa conducts the "Sinfonietta" by Francis Poulenc. A masterpiece in terms of lightness and splendour, designed by the composer entirely to give pleasure, to evoke spontaneous delight. Don't think of heavy-blooded German symphonic music - this is about pleasure and joie de vivre! 

Text:Münchner Symphoniker