KD SCHMID proudly presents: get!CREATIVE – Redefining Tradition

get!CREATIVE is the name of the new department, which as part of KD SCHMID Special Projects will be involved in the strengthening of global partnerships, the creative development of new concert formats and the establishment of a constantly growing multidisciplinary think-tank. This pool is open to international creatives, trendsetters and visionaries enriching KD SCHMID by adding new impulses to the existing portfolio. get!CREATIVE is a transformable, open-ended creative laboratory that actively promotes artistic encounters and exchanges while retaining a network that has historically developed over time.

get!CREATIVE also serves as a mirror that picks up on social change and sees itself as an offer, in a world constantly changing as a result of media influences, increasingly confronting interpersonal alienation with strong, emotionally relevant stories. get!CREATIVE advises, supports and accompanies the entire creation process of cross-genre projects – from the first thought through to the actual production. get!CREATIVE relies on the continuation of basic KD SCHMID values: guaranteed integrity, highest quality, full individuality.