Takeover! Ensemble © Christian Amouzou


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All artists around Miki Kekenj, founder of the Takeover! Ensemble and main arranger and double bass player Max Dommers, who is also an arranger, are professional musicians from renowned ensembles in Germany. Initiated as a string quartet, colorful instruments such as clarinet, oboe, or harp are sometimes added to the mix. Depending on the mood and style of the original works. The ensemble is accompanied by renowned pop artists, mostly singers, sometimes DJs – for whom in most cases it’s their first trip into the classical world. Concert halls, classical music festivals and regular concertgoers are not necessarily used to a format like that, but quickly realize that the fall isn’t deep at all, and the landing in fact rather soft.
Over the last years, the ensemble, which calls the Essen Philharmonie their artistic home, has garnered an enthusiastic and broad audience and due to their exclusive catalogue of top-notch collaborators has not only earned wide acclaim nationally but also doesn’t have to fear international comparison.