Bow & Hammer © Richard Shilkus


get!CREATIVE – Bow & Hammer

The two musicians Elizabeth Newkirk and Kathryn Satoh from Chicago are the latest addition to the portfolio of KD SCHMID. Their programme “The Coursed Concert”, a multi-course concert presented by KD SCHMID in Europe for the first time, combines culinary and musical performances. Bow & Hammer work closely with selected masters of fine dining to bring two different forms of consumable dialogue into harmony. In preparation for the evening, the duo and the chef agree on a common theme. Resulting in a programme, this brings together the artful contribution of both sides to a coherent narrative and thus promotes them to a new, higher level.

Practically a dialogue of the pleasures, not background music, but a finely tuned immersive experience, a “Gesamtkunstwerk” so to speak.