Experimental concert experience - What do people actually expect from a concert? Why does music fascinate and move us?

The chamber music ensemble Epitaph, violinists Baiba Skride and Gergana Gergova, violists Micha Afkham and Amihai Grosz as well as cellist Alban Gerhardt and the Yubal Ensemble will perform string quintets by Ludwig van Beethoven, Brett Dean and Johannes Brahms on a total of nine spring evenings at the Radialsystem in Berlin. The musical programme remains unchanged on all evenings, with the first concert on this Saturday, 30.04., and on six consecutive days, from one concert to the next, the same compositions are presented and dramaturgically changed in ever different ways - for example, through moderation, lighting design, the participation of the audience or a complementary immersive level via video or sound amplification.

In the multi-stage, multi-year research project ECR - "Experimental Concert Research", researchers and musicians are empirically investigating the concert experience for the first time. Concertgoers will be given an insight into this unusual research project and will be able to test their experience of the concert. Using a specially designed combination of methods, they will be wired and questioned - and thus actively and passively involved in the investigation of their concert experience.

Further information at www.experimental-concert-research.org