60 Jahre KD SCHMID


Continuity as brand

KD SCHMID connects the 1970s with two events that characterise the continuity of the concert agency. In 1974, a new name appeared on the artist list: the 24-year-old Murray Perahia. Shortly prior to this, he had won the Leeds International Piano Competition. Now, looking back on a 40-year career, he is still represented by KD SCHMID. In 1975, the New York Philharmonic undertook a European tour with KD SCHMID for the first time, under Music Director Pierre Boulez. The oldest orchestra in the US still tours Europe with KD SCHMID today, and can be experienced next time in May 2020.

60th anniversary KD SCHMID: Greetings from Gustavo Gimeno, Stefan Dohr, Anne-Sophie Mutter and Michael Haefliger. 

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