2 Dorothee Mields and Stefan Temmingh (flute) perform for an audience with the lautten compagney

Dorothee Mields loves birds, the lautten compagney's most frequently performed chamber concert is called Chirping of the Nightingale and Stefan Temmingh's home country South Africa is famous for its magnificent bird life.

Birds - Vögel in der Barockmusik - released as a CD of the same name by dhm/Sony and winner of several awards, will be heard and experienced in two concerts in Kufstein on 3 June followed by two concerts in Ingolstadt on 4 June.

The concert will feature works by Vivaldi, Handel, Rameau, Telemann and J.S. Bach about nightingales, the cuckoo, the chicken, the goldfinch and various other birds - sometimes virtuosic and magnificent, sometimes witty and excited, but also intimate and touching.