Yeast Culture x Repercussion



In their first show together, MOMENTUM, critically acclaimed light- and video designer Nick Hillel, Creative Director of London based Yeast Culture teams up with repercussion, one of the most exciting and sought-after German multipercussionist-groups to explore the concept of a subjective, still concrete utopia: a place, that doesn’t exist (yet), a journey deep inside the border zone between reality and illusion.

Inspired by Harald Welzer’s 2019 book „Es könnte alles anders sein“ („It could be all different“) the questions that’s driving the MOMENTUM creatives as well as practically everybody nowadays are: where will modern society go in the next couple of years and what impulses, motivations, which forces and last but not least what MOMENTUM do people need, to really make that utopia reality? From their very own perspective, adding state-of-the-art technology and love to detail the artists create an immersively intriguing space thru visuals and sounds, also holding a mirror up to the audience.

With their innovative and creative concepts repercussion has gained an excellent reputation internationally for providing truly authentic concerthall experiences and was awarded the prestigious „Förderpreis“ of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.