The Erlkings

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The Erlkings – German Lied at its finest

No one can resist the pull of such a music. A young and energetic quartet has found the courage to present German Art Song in elegant new English translations, allowing the already legendary beauty of this repertoire to speak to a new international audience. THE ERLKINGS have astounded audiences with their enchanting interpretations of songs by Franz Schubert. What began with Schubert continued with Robert Schumanns “Dichterliebe” as commissioned by the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival and songs by Hugo Wolf, commissioned by the International Hugo Wolf Academy. 

The Anglophone versions of THE ERLKINGS open the ears to a new experience, delighting audiences wherever they are heard – whether in the finest concert house, a high-spirited beer hall, or a sleepy mountain hotel. Brilliant – humorous – the spell of Art Song is cast anew. The American singer and guitarist Bryan Benner, in the company of three top Viennese musicians, has dared this striking reinvention of Schubert and other great song composers. The quartet with Thomas Toppler, Simon Teurezbacher, and Ivan Turkalj underlines not only the vitality, charm and lightness of the Viennese “Prince of Song”, but also the depth and gravitas of his compositions. 200 year old songs are played straight to the heart, delighting our minds, inspiring us to dance or cry. It doesn’t matter if you are from Vienna or London, if you are young or old, classical fan or pop music freak: with THE ERLKINGS, excitement and enjoyment are all but guaranteed. Art Song at its very finest.