Pool of Invention

international arts projects


POOL OF INVENTION (POI) is an international artist collective that brings together artists from a wide variety of cultures around the world. It is a melting pot and presentation platform for a steadily growing number of unique projects. Each POI project is based on three pillars: first and foremost slogan “1 + 1 = 3”, which is metaphorical for the added value of transcultural diversity and cooperation, together with “Innovation & Creation” and “Quality”. The Pool is administered by a core group that brings together expertise in design, video, photography, funding and business management.

Founder and artistic director is the German composer, musician and traveler Florian Willeitner. The Croatian cellist and entrepreneur Ivan Turkalj, currently living in Vienna, is responsible for the general management of the pool. As longstanding musical and business partners in the New Piano Trio, they combine the necessary skills of a modern musician, manager and entrepreneur.

The Pool of Invention Ensemble is the main ensemble of the pool. It sees itself as a boundless ensemble in the 21st century: music, dance, performance and other arts are conceived as a whole and integrated into one another. In addition, the cultural diversity and “multilingualism” of the members play a major role in the aesthetics and self-image of the ensemble. Due to changing staffing, different priorities are possible depending on the project.