Combined Creatives

Visiting Beethoven / Marching & Breakin'


Founded in 2014 by Vincent van Kekerix and Dominique Vleeshouwers, the renowned Dutch COMBINED CREATIVES collective creates and delivers creative content and offers services to its members, that stem from various industries: musicians to filmmakers, designers to (copy)writers, photographers to directors, marketers to strategists and managers to producers. get!CREATIVE is happy to feature 2 of their projects, which are:



VISITING BEETHOVEN - NOT YOUR ORDINARY LUDWIG is an innovative concert aimed at younger / new audiences. The script is inspired by Jan Caeyer‘s Beethoven biography with the music being linked to events from his life taking the listener back to 1800’s Vienna. A great contribution to the 2020 Beethoven anniversary.

MARCHING & BREAKIN’ is an exciting cross-over between classical music and urban street culture. Breakdance turns into ballet, a wind band is transformed into a hip hop orchestra and intimate classical percussion gradually evolves into energetic beats. This production allows for local or international guests to be added to the programme, both musicians and dancers.