Cirque Bouffon

a rare Nouveau Cirque sensation


The CIRQUE BOUFFON was founded in 1999 by Fréderic Zipperlin aka Boul and Anja Krips creating stories that immediately captivate the audience’s attention, and through means of imagery and poetry pulling them into the amazing and slightly twisted world of the “Bouffon”, the buffo.

Fréderic Zipperlin’s CIRQUE BOUFFON dares to break the conventional aesthetic of circus and creates its very own, distinctive genre; no more circus numbers following each other in random order, but dramaturgically crafted performances that allow each audience member to experience the Bouffon world on a deep and personal level.

Classic Nouveau Cirque, in combination with CIRQUE BOUFFON’s very own theatrical perspective and the use of original contemporary music: that all melts together beautifully as a coherent piece of art under the musical direction of composer Sergej Sweschinskij, making people laugh, marvel, and above all dream.