Bow & Hammer

musical-culinary dialogues


Bow & Hammer refers to Chicago-based violin & piano duo, formed by friends Kathryn Satoh and Elizabeth Newkirk, respectively. Just as their name addresses the core of their sound, their performances have been addressing the core of duo chamber music as “A New Niche” (Chamber Music of America Magazine) since they formed in 2012. Though they have a sweet tooth for compositions from the early 20th century (1917 to be exact), they use both modern and traditional repertoire to craft well-balanced programs that connoisseurs and newcomers alike can enjoy.

Bow & Hammer's productions include a colourful spectrum, recognizing that classical music can have different strokes for different folks. Some shows inspire cocktail menus with Ravel (a ‘Ravelation’ according to WFMT), while others preserve folk values of Bartók through Pakistani art installations (Chicago Sun Times). They even host audience-voted, brisket-fueled, dog friendly Battle of the Bands as one of their concert series! However, it’s dressed, Bow & Hammer invites everyone into “another world--one of magic and story”, and maybe some fun too.

The Coursed Concert is a multi-coursed event intertwining culinary and musical performance. Bow & Hammer and the featured Chef collaborate to employ two different mediums in collaboration as a consumable demonstration of dialogue. In preparation for the evening, Bow&Hammer and the chef agree upon a theme. They interweave a program to inform and enhance both contributions into a cohesive narrative. The program uses taste and sound to present distinct but mutually influential perspectives on the same theme. The combination of abstract and literal impresses kinetic memories linked to new emotional responses. Recognizing refreshed possibilities of emotional response is the root to inspiring more dialogue. The evening flows like a multi-course dinner, pairing a musical selection with each course.