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„In a globalised world, our personal approach is highly valued.“

Cornelia Schmid

The Company

Konzertdirektion Schmid is one of Europe’s leading classical music management agencies, with offices in Hannover, London and Berlin.

Established in 1959, the company provides versatile service for artists, orchestras, promoters and the wider audience by developing artists' careers, tours, concert series and integrated PR campaigns internationally.

We believe in trust and excellence in everything we do.


Konzertdirektion Schmid looks back on many years of experience and cooperations.

Hannover - UNESCO City of Music

Kammermusik Hannover

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"Seit Jahrzehnten war mir der Name Hans Ulrich Schmid bekannt, noch bevor ich ihn persönlich kennenlernen durfte. Jeder, der von ihm sprach, hatte Vertrauen zu einer verantwortungsbewussten Organisation, zu einem grossen Verständnis auch in künstlerischen Fragen und zu seiner Fairness in Verhandlungen. [...] Dass es gelungen ist, die Weiterführung dieses wertvollen Managements in die Hände der Tochter Cornelia Schmid so nahtlos zu übergeben, ist ein anderer Glücksfall."

Kurt Masur

"For me, the offer of management with Konzertdirektion Schmid was a decision that was very easy to make. [...] I felt we really had an immediate personal and professional connection. One of the things I value about KD Schmid is the commitment to an artist's long-term goals and gradual career development, whilst never taking the focus away from reaching the highest possible level, helping us to develop and encouraging us to be as ambitious as we can be."

Andris Nelsons

"Above all, it is gratidue that I feel when I think of Konzertdirektion Schmid and what they did for us in our early years and still do today."

Sir Neville Marriner

"Solid and reliable - sounds a bit boring, rather like a Volvo compared to a glamorous and fast moving Ferrari. However, in a small world of crazy artists, nervous promoters and ever-changing managements, solid and reliable is a good foundation for music-making and a growing ground for longlasting artistic relations. KD Schmid, you are solid as a rock and at 50 still rolling fast: KD Schmid, you Rock and Roll!"

Håkan Hardenberger


Konzertdirektion Schmid was founded by Hans Ulrich Schmid, a young businessman who, after successfully completing his musical studies, decided against a career as a pianist. Instead he decided to head in a different direction. Concerts taking place in the cellar under the piano shop " Klavierhaus Döll" led to a sideline in contract negotiations for pianists such as Karl Engel and resulted in the founding of the company in 1959.